Monday, November 30, 2009

More pictures / updates

Pictures are first again....scroll down to read the post and come back to the pictures.....yea right :)

Well, it looks like I am just not very good at this. We will all have to settle for occassional updates every couple of months or so. Anything more will be icing on the cake :)

The kids are doing great in school. Everyone has finished their extra-curricular activities for the season, which turned out to be very fun....and very busy! Next up....swimming and gymnastics (and maybe soccer for Regan). We have a big 6 year old birthday party (2 parties actually)coming up this weekend at the bowling ally. They are so excited! I cannot for the life of me believe that they are turning 6 years old!!! That is when I start watching videos and get so emotional. Remember this video?

I am so proud of how far they have come!!! I will try very very hard to post pictures from the party! For now, here are some recent favorites!

We were very sad to say goodbye to sweet Ellie a couple of weeks ago. She was 12 years old and became very sick. She is already missed terribly. We have her ashes on the mantle (for now) with a pawprint mold and a statue that Mark altered to look like her. It was very difficult to find a "breed" to represent Ellie. She was one of a kind :)

Love, Wendy

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Shawna said...

Aww, I'm so sorry to hear about Ellie. :(

Regan is so cute. She looks just like you in her cheer picture! :)

Happy holidays!